segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

Yeah, Long time ago

What do I miss in my childhood, almost everything, I miss the times I used to have lots of fun and don't worry about nothing, I wasn't that child that used to play lots on the streets since my childhood I was impressed with informatics and eletronic stuff, remember Mario and Sonic ? that was fun ! I didn't use to like music when I was child but the vogue in the time was "é o tchan" and "mamonas" I used to listen a lot of mamonas in my childhood, that was the most awesome band in that time. I used to watch tv cruji, and the famous dragon ball z, and used to have lots of fun playing as power rangers with my friends. now everything changed, responsabities appears everytime and my fun now is to do the everyday stuff, I don't would like to be child again because my adult time is awesome and incredible, but that was a good time !

2 comentários:

  1. Ramon, I also loved "Mamonas", they were very different, really cool!

  2. Mario Bross and Sonic! Super nintendo Rules!