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Toys,dolls,cars,soccer...Everything is cool when you are a child.But you grow up,then you've got other responsabilities....
Do you miss that time?Would you like to be a little child again??What were your favorite games?What did you watch on tv?What artists did you like?What was your favorite food??
And now,do you think that something in you changed?
Tell us all about your childhood...your dreams,your heroes...Let's remember together!!!

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The 3 best go to:

The Offspring band: I do like this group and its sound. It's a punk rock/alternative/skate punk style!

Butterfly Effect: It's a excellent movie and a great story!

My favorite actress is Linda Hamilton: She's very talented actress, sympathetic and beautiful!

The 3 worst go to:

Pagode: It's horrible, pollution!

Silvio Santos: It's a bullshit TV program!

Madagascar: I don't like this kind of movie!

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the 3 best:
1- Alanis morissette- she´s a talentend singer.
2-I think Lily Allen a very funny singer. her songs are ironic. I like her so much.
3- My favourite actor is John Paul Cusack. He´s an excellent actor and handsome

the 3 worse:
1-Faustão- it´s terrible tv programme
2- Swingueira-it´s horrible type of music
3-twilight- no commets¬¬

And the oscar goes to...

The 3 best

  • Gossip Girl: I found this series very interesting, because it showed a bit of American life and the things that happen during adolescence. In addition to actors and actresses are very talented.

  • Taylor Lautner: I think him an excellent actor and very beautiful. I I've watched almost every movie he participated and I loved!

  • When love takes over( Kelly Rowland): I love this music, it's very cool and David Guetta participates that in my opinion is one of the best DJs.

The 3 worse

  • 2012: No comments, I hated it!

  • Fiuk: I don't like him, I think him very sly,dull and his voice is terrible,
    I would much rather be the voice of his father(Fábio Júnior)than him.

  • The music: Garota radical(CINE):Who made this song was totally uninspired because it's very idiot! (sorry...)

3 bad things

barack obama election

mini lady gaga

crhis brown

3 good things

vacouver winter games

world cup in south africa

beyoncé live in brazil

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And the Oscar goes to ...
The three best:

. Justin Timberlake: He's the guy. He's super stylish and handsome man. I love the way that he sing and dance. I admire him so much.

. Beyonce: She's a beautiful woman and she's a great singer and dancer. Her musics are very famous, and I think everybody like her.

3º. Rodrigo Faro: He's teh best presentador of Brasilian TV. He's very fun, I love when he dance at the program, I laugh very much.

The three worse:

1º. SBT: It simply there isn't nothing that be good.

2º. XUXA: She's terrible.

3º. Reggae: I hate it.

And the Oscar goes to..

The 3 best

1. Supernatural is a drama/horror serie. It's the best serie for me.
2. Kings of leon is an american rock band. I like their songs.
3. New Moon movie. I think "New Moon" is better than "Twilight".

The 3 worst

1. Forro music.
2. Soap operas.
3. Britney Spears. I don't like her songs.

Series are better than soap operas.
Rock is better than Forro.

And the Oscar goes to...

I'll talk about a singer, a movie and an actor(ess):

3 best:
1_Lady Gaga (so different!!)
2_Avatar (because I didn't watch many movies, so... but I really liked it! It made me cry :'(
3_Zack Afron and Matthew Perry (they played the same person in "17 Again" and it was so cool (I love them ^____^)

3 worst:
1_Fiuk (Nothing against him, I just don't think he's a singer ¬¬)
2_Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Harry Potter, and that's why I can't stand seeing them destroy the book... The movie was terrible!)
3_Kristen Stewart (She made Bella looks like an idiot!!! Come on!! She could, at least, speak like a normal person >(

The 3 Best for me:

1 -The new album released from Epica: Design your universe.
It contains the most perfect songs that I've ever heard from them, and it's heavier than the other ones (it's just perfect <3)

2 - United States of Tara:
This serie is about a woman that has multiple personalities and she and her family have to deal with it in different situations (f.i. her children's school, her job, etc.)

3- The Big Bang Theory

The best comedy since friends and two and a half men. This serie shows what nerds are like, what they usually do, the difficulty in finding a girlfriend (lol), and how boring and fun they can be!

The 3 worst for me:

Sandra Bullock:
She won Prizes that she never deserved.

2 - Kristen Stewart:
The worst actress that have ever born. She deserves the prize of "worst acting" for twilight and new moon!

3 - The ugly truth:
Disappointing movie...

The 3 best:

1º Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt;
They are more beautiful couple in Hollywood and good parents, they are very generous and charismatic...

2ºLionel Messi;
He is a great player, fight for what he wants and he is very educated, respectful and responsible person…(the best player in world)
3° Aline Moraes;
Beautiful, wonderful, lovely and talented, I love her...
The 3 worse:
I think they do not make a beautiful couple
2° Adriano;
he is the worst because I don´t like him, and dont go to training after the play and He drinks
3°Simone spoladore-(veronica de a bela e a feia);
She is all bad and I don´t like her too,she is terrible whit actress.....
by: janette Horta

The bests! (in my opinion rsrs)

Hi people!
The best movies the last yearr, were The ugly thruth and Couples retreat, because the movie are very funny and excellents comedy.
The best actor was Hugh Jackman, in “X-Men-Origens: Wolverine” because I'm Wolverine's fan (rsrs).
The best actress was Angelina Jolie, because she is very good!!
In the music,the best cd was "Land Of The Freaks" from Freak Kitchen, because they are excelent musicians and incredibles composer.
And, the worse the last year was Kristen Stewart, because she was terrible in New moon,
she likes sick all the time!

The best for me...

1. The twilight saga!!!!(The best saga, I love it's so much!!!)

2. Keanu Reeves!!!!!(the best and more beautiful actor!!!)

3. Lady Gaga!!!(the best singer)

The worse are....

1. Chris Brown!!!!( He is very agressive)
2. Forró music!!!!( I hated)
3. Soap operas!!!(They are very boring)

the best and the worst things!

the 3 best things; 1- Jobson, he saved botafogo of the 2nd division. 2- the oscar to Jeff Briedges.
3- Arruda's prision.
the 3 worst things; 1- michael jackson's death. 2- Heath ledger's death. 3 flamengo champion 2009

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The 3 best:

1º Avatar
  • It's the best movie that I ever watched that I wuld like to do it again and again, even it taking a very long time.
2º The new version of the music: "We are the world"
  • It's the best music because it helps to rethink about our values
3º Viver a Vida
  • I like this soap opera so much, because it helps to see through the problems, there's a way to overcome pains. And in the end of the chapter, people bear testimonies about their ups and downs.

The 3 worst:

1º Gossip Girl
  • Hum! God forbid! That movie series was, is and will be the worst ever and ever, because it's nonsense. I can NOT believe that a one is fond watching the second part. If you want to know, I even could NOT watch the whole part because I got sick!
2º mini Lady Gaga
  • We must hit her mother and father, that girl is synonym of jokes. HEY, all these bullshits of this world mean nothing. Wake up to the life!
3º Piscina do Domingo Legal
  • People spending their times watching Piscina do Domingo Legal, I'm really sorry indeed, but you got a depression. Go church, pray for your soul and pay more attention inside. This world has got much more to offer

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The nominees are.............


1- Nip/tuck, is an American drama with two doctors McNamara/Troy, they are crazy and unbelievable. On this series we can see a little of plastic surgery practices, and the private life of the main characters.
Click Here, seasons from Nip/tuck

2- The Simpsons, is an animated, this series is an icon of American TV and a success in all the world, because the episodes are full of comedy and criticism. targets are usually the leaders, celebrities and media. who never saw The Simpsons?!!!

3- Gossip Girl, is an American drama television series based on the book series of the same name. Is about yang people life in the Upper East Siders. the series is pretty cool.
Click Here, seasons from Gossip Girl

So, unlike Tibério , I like to watch Gossip Girl.
Am I sick?....No, I'm not


1- Stargate, I'm sorry who likes it, I think this series very strange and monotone, and in all seasons are the same history.

2- The Big Bang Theory, this series is about nerds life ,and feelings with girls, nerds movies (Star Wars, Stargate)kkk, and other things... Is sometimes funny, but I don't like.

3- Bela a feia, What is this? Another copy? Yes, I did not liked it, because I didn't watched.
No comments!!!

And the Oscars goes to...

The 3 best
1-Luan Santana
I love his voice, he is very talented!!!

2-Selena Gomez
She is a young actress, but very talented. She was more famous in 2009 by music and
show Wizards of Waverly Place ./ I love Disney Channel s2'.

3-The Twilight Saga
Through books, teens are more interested in reading, to be enchanted and dream a little. The films based on books are very good, I loved.

The 3 worst 
 1-Cris Brown
His actions were terrible!!!

2-Lady Gaga cover
The child hasn't talent, just wear a costume and try to copy Lady gaga.

I think he does not act or sing very well.

I hope you like it, see you my dears =) 

Nice things... or not.

I just loved the idea of writing about the things that we liked or not in 2009/2010. I adore this stuff. Well, let's see my choices (they are a little bit uncommon):

Nice things:

3- Franz Ferdinand's new album: Tonight.
If you think Franz Ferdinand was that Austriac-Hungarian prince, whose murder was the reason for the First World War, you are studying History too much and should listen to this awesome Scottish band. This new album is great, one of the best of 2009. Their songs reached highest positions in the UK chart and in the dancefloors all over the world. You'll get what I mean, if you watch the great videoclip below, No you Girls, the best single of the album. Take a look.

2- The Wolfman
I don't like horror movies at all, but I really enjoyed this movie. It's not creative, but it makes you shudder. It's about a man who investigates his misterious brother's death and finds out that his brother, in fact, was a... wolfman. As he investigates, he became into a... Guess what?!... a wolfman. Ok, as said, it's not a creative movie, but the plot is nice and Benicio del Toro is very good as the wolfman.

1- Twitter
I thank very much those nerds who created Twitter. It's just great for people like me, who doesn't like exposition on the internet. On twitter, you must be clever, funny, intelligent and in only 140 characters. Other nice thing: someone can follow you and you migh not follow this person. It's amazing, it's not like Orkut or Facebook, that's why so many people still didn't get used to it. (You can follow me: @ricardomadeira. By the way, Charles's profile on twitter is really funny).

...or not:

3- Jesus Luz
Who does this guy think he is? He's only known for being Madonna's boyfriend! He's nothing, but that. But he charges a lot of money for presenting as a DJ and has always a blasè position when asked about his "girlfriend". I bet that in two years, or less, he'll be in Luciana Gimenez's show telling how Madonna broke up with him.

2- Viver a Vida
Come on, this soap opera is crap. There are 1,60m top models, nobody works and everybody is rich. Despite of it, there are still a third aged womanizer and that girl who acts like a monster. I've never seen so many strange elements in a soap opera. I know that this kind of TV show doesn't need to copy the real life at all, but the plot it's terrible. I just don't know why so many people watch it!

1- Rebolation
No further comments.

P.S: I hope you had enjoyed my list and that you had read it until the end!

My good and bad critics

Hello everyone,
In 2009 and 2010 happened many things in the world of artists, movies, music. The Michael Jackson's death for example, so my preferences for better are:
1- Avatar
2- Beyoncé
3- Angelina Jolie
And the worse preferences:
1- Transformers
2- Emo, Forró , pagode and axé ( 2009/2010 and forever)
3- Britney Spears
I choose Avatar, because for me it is the better movie, Beyoncé 'cause she was won many awards( I don't like her but of course that I recognize her talent for her voice and not for her body or her ass). Angelina is a kind of person that I admire, she is rich and pretty and help many people all over the world and she's a good mother( I think).
Transformers is a regular movie, but the story is weak and boring . Emo, forró , pagode and axé are kinds of "music" that I hate. Britney doesn't have talent and she can't sing. That's all !!!

Yes,the Oscar belongs to them!!!

Hi ladies and gentlemen!!!
In my opinion,the oscar goes to:
1-Lady Gaga(she is the best thing that happened in the Pop world nowadays,and I love her!!!)
2-Rihanna(yes,she's back,and her songs are very cool)
3-Black eyed peas(I love"I'mma be rocking that body,and the clip is marvelous!!!)
Who doesn't deserve the Oscar:
1-Chris Brown(I hate him!!!)
2-Forró music(it's very boring!!!)
3-Who doesn't follow me on twitter!!!(please,follow me@CHARLYZFAELIX)

And the Oscars goes to...

The 3 best:

1- Rihanna;
2-Julia Roberts;
3-Hugh Grant;

The 3 worst:

1- Madonna;
2-Felipe Dylon;
3- Britney Spears;

I hate Madonna and Britney voices and I like so much Rihanna.
Rihanna is better than Britney. Hugh Grant is more beautiful than Felipe Dylon.

And the Oscar goes to...

The 3 best:


Sandra Bullock

George Clooney

The 3 worst:

All forró composers ...

Britney Spears

Chris Brown

I loved Avatar, but as I haven't seen The Hurt Locker yet, I may change my mind after seeing it.
George Clooney doesn't need to act well, in my point of view. Just seeing him on the screen is enough!
It was hard to list the 3 worst, then I chose forró because of the lyrics (if it's possible to use this word in that case), Britney Spears and Chris Brown, because of their attitudes.

See you,

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3-Jhonny Deep.



2-Luan Santana;

3-Robert Pattinson.
Avatar is better than Twilight.
Beyoncé sings better than Luan Santana.
Jhonny Deep is better actor than Robert Pattinson.

Welcome to 2010!!!

Hello everybody!!

After enjoyng these wonderful three months of vacation,how about going back to "work"??


In this activity you should choose the 3 best and the 3 worst highlights of 2009/2010,according to your opinion,comparing them.If you want,you can put videos and photos.
After everyone has made his choices the "top 3 best" and the "top 3 worst" HIGHLIGHTS will be elected !

By Denise