segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

Some Years Back Then...

Well, I can say that I had a pretty good childhood. I wasn't a hiperative boy. I used to like playing soccer, reading, drawing... And I watched TV too much. I watched cartoons in the afternoons and on the Saturdays (I liked "O Fantástico Mundo de Bobby" too much!). I used to watch all TV Cultura series like Castelo Rá-tim-bum, No Mundo da Lua and The Wonder Years. I liked Blossom too. I loved reading Monteiro Lobato. By the fourth grade, I had read all his books for children. My favorite one is "A Reforma da Natureza".

From that time, I remember that now and then teachers called my mom to talk, because they said that I was an early adult. I just don't agree, I think that I was more mature than the other children, just that. I don't miss at all my childhood, it was a good time, although.

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  1. Ricardo, my oldest son loved "O Fantástico Mundo de Bobby" and I loved watching it with him!
    As you, when I was a child, I read all of Monteiro Lobato's collection. It was wonderful!