quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

My childhood!

My childhood was so magical! I played with my brother and my friends, I played with my cousins at my grandmother´s house and I joke with my dolls(I loved Barbies). My favorites cartoons were: Doug, Tom and Jerry, Ducky Donald, Loney Tunes, Pokemom, Dragon Cave, Care Bears and Chaves. I loved to read "Turma da Mônica" and "O livro da carochinha". But, my favorite ''joke" in my childhood was listening to the music. I remember that I loved passed hours only listening Cd's. My favorites songs were the bands(and singers) like Red Hot, Nirvana, Supertramp,Roxette, The Cranberries, Pink Floyd and The smiths( influenced by my father who loves rock).

I miss those times when nothing mattered and everything was a joke...

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