sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

Hello, folkers!!!

I'm here to write again about my personal life. It's very interesting and I want share with you. OK, my favourite music is What's up , Four non blondes. This music was part of my childhood. Of course, my favourite style of music is rock. Only favourite movie is very hard, because I love many films. I'm in love with seventh art. So, my favourite movies are: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban and Goblet of Fire, Resident Evil, Blade, Sorority Row , movies about vampires or gothics, my favourite gender of movie is horror. My favourite book is almost all of Harry Potter, because I not yet read all of them. The series "Karas", of Pedro Bandeira is very interesting, I like very much books about vampires as The nightlifes, Flavia Muniz. And so, see you in the next opportunity.

quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

Hey, guys. What's up?
If it depends on me, it's alright!
Well, Beatriz told us to write about our favourite books/music/movies.
MUSICS: I like all of them, but reggae, funk and forró. My favoutie singers are Beyoncé (Sweet Dream), Christina Aguilera (Genie in a bottle) , Britney Spears (Circus) , Evanescence (Lithium), Angra (Winds of Destination), Shamam (Innocence), Nightwish (Planet Hell), Within Temptaion (The Cross), Rihanna (Te amo), Kamelot (Wander)... HEy I think better stopping!
MOVIES: I like comedies (Todo mundo em pânico), terror (Madrugada dos Mortos), adventure (Senhor e Senhora Smith), cartoons (Chuva de Hamburgers)...
BOOKS: Particurlarly, I'm not fan of books, but if you can point me an interesting book. I'll thank you!

segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2009


Hi, people!

Remember that you are supposed to answer Uniso students' questions in their blogs.
I also would like you to post a text here, talking about your personal preferences: movies, music, books, etc.
It'd be nice if you read your classmates' texts and post comments. Let's do it, please.

See you,

A little bit more about myself...

Hi, guys!

Well, I don't have a favorite movie. I like romantic movies and I also like movies based on real facts. I love crying during touching movies. I really cry! It's even embarrassing if I'm in a movie theater, so I prefer watching this kind of movies at home. There I only have my sons teasing me...
My favorite actor is George Clooney, not because of his acting, but because of his good looks! He's awesome!
I like nice songs, especially in English, with very good lyrics. I love dancing and singing.
I read the Bible and I also read books about teaching and methodology.

Well, that's it!

I hope we can interact more here.


A little more about me

Hi again
This is the second time I post here and I'm going to talk a little bit more about me and my likes.
At this time of my life my favorite music is called "Stop crying your heart out" of Oasis. I heard it few days ago and just then I paid attention to the lyrics. One new friend of mine played this music last Saturday in the keyboard. It was beautiful. And it was a great day of conversation, laughing and friendship. I loved it. The music says "don't be scared", all is going to be fine, stop crying, stop being sad with the bad things. It doesn't work. I recomend this music to you.

Well my favorite movie up to now I guess it's "The notebook". It's a romantic movie wich tells the story of a young couple. It is a very beautiful movie, I won't tell you the end, but if you like romantic movies I recomend you. The translation to the Portuguese is "Diário de uma paixão".
For reading I love Harry Potter. All of the books. I love fiction, and this is my favorite collection. But recently with the "Twilight fever" I fell in love with the vampire story. And now these are my two favorite collections.

That's it, folks. If you want to talk about interests or likes and dislikes, you can contact me on MSN:

See you!

domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009


Eu tenho algumas perguntas e gostaria que vocês respondessem, se não estiverem confortáveis com o inglês, podem responder em português mesmo (como eu estou fazendo)...

1) Conhecendo...

2) Por qual motivo você escolheu este curso?

3) Você tem acesso à internet e o hábito de navegar em sites para estudar?

4) Você tem o hábito de participar de chats, msn ou algo parecido?

5) Quais são suas expectativas quanto professores no futuro?

Letícia Mara

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Hello guys...

I have some questions in my blog for you...

check the questions and answer...

My blog is:


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New Template !!

Hello !!! Let's go to my new blog !! You can vote leave comments and have fun at the same time !! Thanks !! Bye bye

Interactive Questions

Hello everybody!

I would like to talk to you a little about you and your course.

1. What kind of subject about this course do you like to study?

2. Do you like to use pen-pal or another kind of interactive talking?

If you can, go to my blog and comment the posts, ok?
Thank you so much!

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Guys from Teresina

Could somebody help me?

I already sent directed messagesbefore but I didn't get any answer!

So, I decided post here again. If someone feel confortable to talk with me about how is your English course at UFP acess my blog at and post a short and brief message about how is the course there, What do you think about the classes and the subjects.

Thankyou so much.