quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

When I was a child .......

Well, where to start .... as a child I was always shy, skinny (haha), full of nicknames at school .... My mother never left me and my sister playing in the street have always been "drawn" at home. My dolls were my constant companions had several Xuxas one my size! (Lol) My sister and I were never very "friendly" then I can say I've always been a child alone but Rodi of people ... which was not very important, then the tv and my dolls made me company ... My favorite tv shows were Xuxa, Eliana, Angelica .... I loved cartoons like Dragon's Lair, Scooby-Doo, Aladdin The Series, Doug Funnie, sailor moon, Tom and Jerry, among others, but all the older versions more precisely 80 "(decade of my birth.) Movies? loved the Indiana Jones movies (rsrsr). My favorite reading was comic Mauricio de Sousa "Turma da Mônica, Chico Bento" ... I know I did not get much of my childhood, but it was cool ... But honestly I prefer my life now ... So many friends, more freedom!! rsrsrs

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