quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

If a few years ago you saw a skinny girl , long legs and short straight hair to look like a little angel,do not be fooled,this little girl is actually Denise ...and what about "Angel " she just had the nickname!
My childhood it was P-E-R-F-E-C-T...and I was not "people"(lol)
I was veeeeeeeeeeeeery RASCALLY both at school and at home and lived with my whole body hurt,I loved to play tag,hide and seek,jump rope,"elastic" and "Tacoball"...I stole vegetables and fruits of a garden next to my house, I took "bicuda" on the cars and struggled of all boys that I knew.
My I loved "Domino",Rock and roll,Heavy Metal,Nacional Rock...I watched several TV channels at the same time( soap operas,sitcom,animated movies) I was addicted to tv.
I loved:
Care Bears, Muppet baby, Chaves ,Doug ,Pokemon
Dinosaurs ,Cruj ,Tv Colosso ,Might Ducks, Sailomoon ,
Punk ,Dungeons and Dragons, Angel mix ,Goof trop, Sakura,
Firewild, Capitain Planet, Bambuluá, Bobby's World ,
I woud like to be Sara Princess..
I lllloved my chidhood!!

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