quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010

My favorite picture !!!

My favorite picture is this landscape, taken earlier this year on a trip to "Prata do Piaui" with my friend Ana Claudia.
She was born there and invited me to spend some days there ... I loved the city especially that place!
that's where all residents and visitors come to take a shower, meet friends and have fun!
I loved it and I hope to return very soon there!!

terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010

Beautiful place

This photo is special for me because this place that I went it is very beautiful. My boyfriend took me to met it in last vacation I had. It is located in Ceará. It is a more than beautiful. This place transmits very calm and when I stayed there I don´t want to think about anything. Just keep watching nature and appreciated it. I almost didn´t come though on this day. I was delighted with the beauty I saw!!!

My favourite photo

   This is my dog. His name is Bidu. I took this photo in 2008, I was in my ocious day and he was clean then I enjoyed the moment. I like it because it is the only photo that he was calm and he posed for the camera. He looks cute. I made the punk hair for the photo.
Adriana Beatriz

Holy week!

This is my favorite photo, I've took it in Recife when I was backing to Olinda on the holy week(April 1st-4fh)with my friends, we were on the bus....this photo looks like a magazine photo, maybe I like it so much because this!!

segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

Monument of a great man

One of my favorite photos is The Monument of Donizetti Adalto. Well, I like this photo, I think Donizetti was a great man in addition to being a journalist and television presenter in the Brazilian program MN 40 degrees of TV Meio Norte.
He was a candidate for federal deputy for PPS too.
Donizetti also created slogans and phrases which are still remembered by people as Piauí: "I die and not see everything" and "Christ is coming back," or words such as thievery, societal armadillo and mamism.
The slogan Adalto Donizetti's candidacy was "not shut up shut" and "stick in the mafia."
All of them were part of his career.

I admire and like this guy for his talent and intelligence and for his courage and I'm sure he will never be forgotten by many friends in Piaui.

My favourite photo!

One of my favourite photos is Ramiro and me, he's one of singers whose sing with André Valadão.
I took the photo in 2006 in André Valadão's show at Verdão.
When the show finished, we went in the backstage, then I asked to him to take a photo with me, and he said "yes", although it was raining.
Ramiro is very handsome and a nice guy, he was extremely polite with me. He came close of me and he laughed to my friend who took the photo.
I love this photo, because when I look at it I remember that wonderful nigth and how much I had a great time.

Monument of a great man