terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

My childhood

I grew up alone. My parents were almost never at home and my only brother were always playing with his friends outside of our apartament.
My parentes never let me go outside, to play with other children at the playground...
I never had a bike.
I never had a puppy.
I was spanked at school...
I almost never played with other children.
But, I had to invent my own way of having fun....
I played with dolls (a lot... I used to spend more than 3 hours in a row playing with dolls), and I played videogame (supernintendo rocks).
I used to watch some cartoons like Doug, Jhonny Bravo, power puff girls, Cow and chicken (cartoons from cartoon network) ... But I really loved animes like saillor moon, Sakura Card Captors, Dragon ball Z, Saint Seya, Ruroni Kenshin, Pokemon, Digimon... And I still love it.
I never liked to read books, magazines or comics... and my parents never stimulated me to read anything so... maybe that's why I don't like reading.
Well, comparing my childhood to what I'm living now, a few things have changed: Now I can go out and I don't play with dolls anymore (But I have a big collection of 50 original Barbies).
The other things are still the same...
I had a lonely childhood, and I'm still lonely.

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