quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

when I was a chid.......

when I was a child, I was not an energetic boy. Rather than doing some sports I prefed stay at home and for everyone´s surprise I did not like to play soccer like any young boy of my age.When was young I loved watching TV it was my favorite hobby,my favorite anime was dungeons and dragons and I used to pretend I was presto the clumsy wizard ,along my friends who were the other characters.My second favorite anime on TV was digimon , it was so marvelous to see talking monster evoluting to the lowest level to the top and becoming stronger. Also in this anime I used to pretend I was TK ( the yongest with a green cap on the picture) it was amazing and awesome too.

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  1. you might be thinking it´s insame but it´s true!hahahhaha