quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

My Idols

My first idol is my mother. She is a teacher. I admire her because she had many problems of health, she fought against them, she works a lot, she helps everybody when she can help, she climbed in life, when she was a child, she suffered a lot, nevertheless she was and is happy. I learned from her, since when I was a child that the simple things of life worths more that another thing like material things. The second person that I admire is Pitty. She is a rocker singer from Bahia and I admire her because her lyrics are very interesting, her way of dressing, thinking, the passion for music. Her songs are about society, worths, carpe diem, and other kinds. Her lyrics are " intelligent" because she read a lot, And I got more knowledge with them.

That's all !

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