domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

My Hero Idols²

I can not think of other ones, but my PARENTS. At first, cause they're, were and will be the only two people to infer in my whole life. They look after me all the time, always help me when I'm in need, and I love'em² a lot, too.
Although some famous people are icons to be idols, they don't change my life directly, they're just people-literature!
As far as I know, everybody, who knows who they are, likes my idols. But if someone doesn't like them, I really don't care! As I already wrote, I love'em² a lot! And they're my true friends that I've ever had. Oh! I can't forget to write that my idols are doctors, lawyers, enginneers, teachers and so many other professions you can imangine. I ain't a Hero Idol as they're yet, but I'll learn someday

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