terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

The nominees are.............


1- Nip/tuck, is an American drama with two doctors McNamara/Troy, they are crazy and unbelievable. On this series we can see a little of plastic surgery practices, and the private life of the main characters.
Click Here, seasons from Nip/tuck

2- The Simpsons, is an animated, this series is an icon of American TV and a success in all the world, because the episodes are full of comedy and criticism. targets are usually the leaders, celebrities and media. who never saw The Simpsons?!!!

3- Gossip Girl, is an American drama television series based on the book series of the same name. Is about yang people life in the Upper East Siders. the series is pretty cool.
Click Here, seasons from Gossip Girl

So, unlike Tibério , I like to watch Gossip Girl.
Am I sick?....No, I'm not


1- Stargate, I'm sorry who likes it, I think this series very strange and monotone, and in all seasons are the same history.

2- The Big Bang Theory, this series is about nerds life ,and feelings with girls, nerds movies (Star Wars, Stargate)kkk, and other things... Is sometimes funny, but I don't like.

3- Bela a feia, What is this? Another copy? Yes, I did not liked it, because I didn't watched.
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  2. I like Gossip Girl too, it's one of the best teenage series ever. Nip/Tuck is great too, but I'm not following it anymore. I heard that The Big Bang Theory was good, but I've never seen it.

  3. Little Allan...I liked Gossip girl,but it's over..:(
    Nip/TUCK is very cool.And Bela a feia is terrible!!!

  4. thanks guys...
    Like Ricardo, I think Gossip Girl is the better teenage series , and Nip/Tuck is amazing.

  5. The Big Bang Theory rocks!!! =S

  6. Ok, I'll watch The Big Bang Theory again!!!
    Thank you Lara.

  7. I agree that simpisons and Nip/tuck are good, but... the big bang theory as one of the worst??
    I can never accept that =P

  8. I promise I'll watch it again...........