terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

My good and bad critics

Hello everyone,
In 2009 and 2010 happened many things in the world of artists, movies, music. The Michael Jackson's death for example, so my preferences for better are:
1- Avatar
2- Beyoncé
3- Angelina Jolie
And the worse preferences:
1- Transformers
2- Emo, Forró , pagode and axé ( 2009/2010 and forever)
3- Britney Spears
I choose Avatar, because for me it is the better movie, Beyoncé 'cause she was won many awards( I don't like her but of course that I recognize her talent for her voice and not for her body or her ass). Angelina is a kind of person that I admire, she is rich and pretty and help many people all over the world and she's a good mother( I think).
Transformers is a regular movie, but the story is weak and boring . Emo, forró , pagode and axé are kinds of "music" that I hate. Britney doesn't have talent and she can't sing. That's all !!!

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  1. I also like Angelina Jolie and I admire her actions, specially the adoptions.