quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

The 3 best:

1º Avatar
  • It's the best movie that I ever watched that I wuld like to do it again and again, even it taking a very long time.
2º The new version of the music: "We are the world"
  • It's the best music because it helps to rethink about our values
3º Viver a Vida
  • I like this soap opera so much, because it helps to see through the problems, there's a way to overcome pains. And in the end of the chapter, people bear testimonies about their ups and downs.

The 3 worst:

1º Gossip Girl
  • Hum! God forbid! That movie series was, is and will be the worst ever and ever, because it's nonsense. I can NOT believe that a one is fond watching the second part. If you want to know, I even could NOT watch the whole part because I got sick!
2º mini Lady Gaga
  • We must hit her mother and father, that girl is synonym of jokes. HEY, all these bullshits of this world mean nothing. Wake up to the life!
3º Piscina do Domingo Legal
  • People spending their times watching Piscina do Domingo Legal, I'm really sorry indeed, but you got a depression. Go church, pray for your soul and pay more attention inside. This world has got much more to offer

2 comentários:

  1. Your comments were so funny, Tibério! I also love the second version of "We are the world".

    See you!

  2. I totally disagree with you about Viver a Vida and Gossip Girl. I already said why I haaaaaaate Viver a Vida... But Gossip Girl is just great. I'm watching the third season. Well, you said it's nonsense. Perhaps... but if I wanted real life I would watch the news or something...