quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

The 3 Best for me:

1 -The new album released from Epica: Design your universe.
It contains the most perfect songs that I've ever heard from them, and it's heavier than the other ones (it's just perfect <3)

2 - United States of Tara:
This serie is about a woman that has multiple personalities and she and her family have to deal with it in different situations (f.i. her children's school, her job, etc.)

3- The Big Bang Theory

The best comedy since friends and two and a half men. This serie shows what nerds are like, what they usually do, the difficulty in finding a girlfriend (lol), and how boring and fun they can be!

The 3 worst for me:

Sandra Bullock:
She won Prizes that she never deserved.

2 - Kristen Stewart:
The worst actress that have ever born. She deserves the prize of "worst acting" for twilight and new moon!

3 - The ugly truth:
Disappointing movie...

3 comentários:

  1. Like you I like United States of Tara, is very good, and funny!!! But I love Sandra Bullock, she's Hot...
    See you...

  2. About The Big Bang Theory
    I promise, I'll watch it again...........
    So, as I said, I found it funny, but I did not liked.

  3. I love the actress Sandra Bullock, for me it is a great actress, Kristen Stewart too not only from the Twilight movie but for others who have attended and it was a great performance! bye!