sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

And the oscar goes to...

The 3 best

  • Gossip Girl: I found this series very interesting, because it showed a bit of American life and the things that happen during adolescence. In addition to actors and actresses are very talented.

  • Taylor Lautner: I think him an excellent actor and very beautiful. I I've watched almost every movie he participated and I loved!

  • When love takes over( Kelly Rowland): I love this music, it's very cool and David Guetta participates that in my opinion is one of the best DJs.

The 3 worse

  • 2012: No comments, I hated it!

  • Fiuk: I don't like him, I think him very sly,dull and his voice is terrible,
    I would much rather be the voice of his father(Fábio Júnior)than him.

  • The music: Garota radical(CINE):Who made this song was totally uninspired because it's very idiot! (sorry...)

4 comentários:

  1. I agree with you!!! Cine isn't a band and the "musics" are terrible!!! Emo must be extinct now, please!!! I don't deserve so much.

  2. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  3. i dont agree with you...
    in cine there many goods musics...
    sometimes, yeah..there are some terrible..
    but normaly persons remember the film, because liked the music, no? agree?

  4. ops... there are many, there many..rsrs