segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

Hi, people

My favorite musics are: wish you were here (Pink Floyd), paperback writer (Beatles), After midnight (Eric Clapton), Little wing (Jimmy Hendrix), stairway to heaven (Led Zeppellin), about a girl (Nirvana), poison heart/pet semetary/sheena is a punk rocker (Ramones). They're fantastic sounds.
I like many kinds of books, but my favorite books are: Fortaleza Digital (Dan Brown), Mais Pesado que o Céu (Charles R. Cross), Uma Breve História do Tempo (Stephen W. Hawking), Dexter (Jeff Lindsay) e Uma Mente Brilhante (Sylvia Nasar).
About movies, I like too much: O demolidor, The day after tomorrow, O exterminador do futuro, Jogos Mortais, Back to the future, Velozes e furiosos 4, Rocky - um lutador, O quinto elemento, Resident Evil 1, 2 e 3. But I like comedy, romance and several kinds of movies.
See you guys

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  1. Hi, Mario!

    You really like rock! I don't know most of the songs you mentioned, but I imagined they must be very good!

    See you,