terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

Across the Universe is a film that talks about the 60 years through The Beatles' songs. It is a wonderful musical, love music and really LOVED this movie. The story is a great mix of struggles, passions, and of course many songs the band wolrd's most famous "The Beatles". The lyrics of their songs make me dream, dream of truth and seeing the music through the film and played by people like me was just something that will stay in my memory. The soundtrack is perfect, but my favorite song is "ALL MY LOVING" performed in the film by Jim Sturgess (Jude). This song is Paul McCartney and was released on the album "With the Beatles", 1963. I really loved "Across the Universe". s2

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  2. hi! i like all the song in yhis filme, there are fantastic.........

  3. Hi, Lenna! Great comments! I agree with you!