quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

Interactive Questions

1 - Are you used to chatting to people on the Internet? How do you feel about it?

2 - Do you visit sites that provide content in English for students of EFL?

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  1. hi I´m Janette,i use the internet for chatting and many thinks eg: talk with ingles people; do my work,listen the music in ingles,visit the other sites and movies etc......
    i think this is very importante for learn english..........
    bye kissssssssss

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  3. Hi.
    I'm Alan, student from Teresina.
    Well, I use the internet everyday in my house, my job and at University, whenever I can, I talk in English with other people using the MSN and the forums. It's very important.
    Now answering the second ask, I think! - Yes, I do. I like these sites, because is more help.
    See you next Interactive Questions!!!