sábado, 19 de setembro de 2009

Frei Serafim Avenue is one of the most beatiful and important avenues of the City. Almost all the ways of the City take to Frei Serafim.

Avenue, it links the downtown to the East of Teresina.

In the old days, it was a residential avenue. But today, almost there aren't any more families living on the Frei Serafim Av. and big medium companies took up the place.

Getúlio Vargas, the biggest hospital of the City, is on Frei Serafim Av. At Christmas, the avenue gest a special decoration and becomes a big lights spectacle. 20.000 automobiles pass on Frei Serafim everyday. The City council carried out the plantation of 11 thousand trees of different species in all its central area.

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