sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2009


Hey everybody....

I'm Sara, 20 almost 21 years old.. I'm finishing Letras Course here at Uniso and I don't know what i gonna do next year yet. I have a lot of plans in my mind but I need to think what is gonna be the best choice for my carrer.
I work at CET - Centro de Educação e Tecnologia da Uniso, with Luiz Fernando. Here I figured out how pleasant is to work with tecnology and how it can help us in our daily routine.
Bia asked us to post something about our homecity, and i chose to post Uniso picture because is where I've been spent the most of my time in these last years...

I'm very kind and friendly, love to dance and spend my free time with my friends..

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  1. hello,sara my name´s kelson,i´m 18.I study at professor is i can see your written english is very good i think we can share
    actually i´m doing ICV(cientific iniciation)for my university i research along my professor,tecniques of teaching english through films in english language.

    this is my second semester at my course that´s letras(ingles -of course)and love english.
    ihope we can become friends.